We serve Halal menu for Muslim customer

We offer halal Kobe-beef for Muslims to enjoy Kobe-beef.
Our halal menu considers about ingredients, tablewares, utensils, so you can enjoy our meal without worries.
With lanterns decorating our entrance that evoke Japanese tradition, a calm atmosphere characteristic of Japanese taste, and an air of affluent sensitivities, our restaurant offers hospitality to our customers.

Don't you think, feel inconvenience in meal during your trip in Japan?

Our approach for halal

【Halal Ingredients & Halal Seasoning】
・We serve Halal Kobe Beef and Halal Wagyu Beef.
・We use halal seasoning such as halal soy sauce.
・Alcohol is not used in the halal menu.
【No Pork】
There is no pork in the restaurant.
【Halal Equipmentl】
・The cooking tool are used exclusively for halal menu.
・Teppanyaki iron plate is used exclusively for halal menu.
・Tableware are used exclusively for halal menu.
【Take Out / Delivery】
・We have disposable Bento Box, so you can take out to any where.
・Delivery service also available.
※delivery fee will be charged
※Please contact us for delivery
【Online Booking】
・You can make a reservation from online booking system by using English.
※Please fill in the blank with your request for halal menu.
You can choose halal beef steak. (Kobe-beef and Wagyu-beef)
Also, we recommend that you order together with the following course.
*It is also OK to order steak only.

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