HALAL KOBE BEEF × Reasonable Plate Lunch

A 5-minute walk from Sannomiya Station, “COLORE” offers the best of A5 grade Kobe Beef. Of only about 6,000 heads of cattle placed on the market each year, we buy solely selected A5 grade “Kobe Beef”.

Halal Kobe beef is even more valuable.
(only 3 or 4 heads of cattle placed on the market each year)


◆Halal Kobe-beef Steak Plate◆

6,880 JPY (tax included)
◆Halal Kobe-beef (sliced) Teriyaki Plate◆

4,880 JPY (tax included)
◆Halal Wagyu-beef Steak Plate◆

3,680 JPY (tax included)
◆Halal Chicken Steak Plate◆

1,280 JPY (tax included)
※ Above menu includes main dish, side dish, salad and rice.
※ Side dish will change by season.
※ Above menu will take some time to prepare and cook.
※ Non-alcoholic and non-pork.

Muslim Friendly Information

We offer Halal Kobe-beef for Muslims to enjoy Kobe beef.
Our Muslim friendly menu considers about ingredients, tablewares, utensils, so you can enjoy our meal without worries.
We also have a prayer room with Wudu facilities.

〇 All meat are halal certified
〇 All ingredients & seasonings are non-alcoholic & non-pork
〇 The utensils are used exclusively for Muslim friendly menu
〇 We use disposable tableware
× Our restaurant offers pork and liquor menu for non-Muslim
× Not a Halal certified restaurant
We have a prayer space for our Muslim customers.
We also have a small Wudu space.